Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Dermatology and Venereology


Shpytalna str., 2, Kniazia Ostrozkogo str., 39, Ternopil, 46001

Phone: (0352) 52-47-25.


Department staff: 4 professors, 7 associate professors, 2 assistants, 3 medical practitioners in a hospital, and 3 laboratory assistants.

Head of the Department: MD, Professor Andreychyn M. A.

With arrival of Mykhaylo Andreychyn, the department scientific researches intensified considerably. He is an author and co-author of over 900 scientific and educative-methodical works, including 34 monographs, reference books, guidance for doctors, train aids, over 40 methodical recommendations, and informative letters, ratified by Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the row of popular scientific brochures. He has 54 author certificates and patents on inventions. Over 70 collections of scientific and methodical materials are edited and published by the workers of department. M. Andreychyn created school of infection disease doctors, under his guidance 17 doctor and 36 candidate's scientific works were defended.

Today at the department works: professors, doctors of medical sciences Mykhaylo Andreychyn, Nataliya Vasilyeva, Vasyl Kopcha, Svitlana Galnykina, associate professors: Oleg Ivakhiv, Inna Ischuk, Vasyl Kachor, Maryana Kovalchuk, Natalia Nychyk, Nataliya Zavidnyuk, Mariya Shkilna, assistant: NataliyaVishnevska.

The department staff published the row of textbooks, train aids, clinical lectures: Epidemiology of extreme situations with the course of military epidemiology (M. Andreychyn, V. Kopcha, O. Krushelnickiy, V. Narozhnov), Infectious Diseases (by the edition of Y. Nikitin and M. Andreychyn), reference "Book of medical assistant" in 2 volumes (editor M. Andreychyn), "Diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of infectious diseases in the conditions of out-patient hospital" (editor M. Andreychyn), "Important zoonosises" (M. Andreychyn, V. Bulgakov, E. Shablovska), "Manual on anatomic and clinical terminology" (M. Zakalyuzhniy, M. Andreychyn), "Epidemiology" (M. Andreychyn, V. Kopcha), "Nursing at infectious diseases" (M. Andreychyn, O. Ivakhiv), lectures "HIV-infection", "Acute respiratory diseases", "Viral hepatitis" (M. Andreychyn), "Tetanus" (O. Ivakhiv), "Diseases of skin. Diseases which are passed by sexual way" (V. Savchak, S. Galnykina), "Practical dermatology" (V. Savchak, S. Galn ykina), "Diseases of skin, in practice of family doctor" (V. Savchak, M. Kovalchuk), “Surgical aspects of infectious and parasitogenic diseases" (M. Andreychyn, O. Ivakhiv., O. Kit) “Shigellesis”(M. Andreychyn, V. Kopcha, V. Kozko), “Classification of infectious and parasitogenic diseases” (M. Andreychyn, O. Ivakhiv, A. Rudenko, M. Chemych), “Nursing in dermatology” (V. Savchak, M. Kovalchuk), “Typhoid (New about pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment)” (V. Malyy, M. Andreychyn), “Atlas of infectious diseases” (editor M. Andreychyn), “Viral hepatitis and cancer of liver” (M. Andreychyn, V. Dryzhak, O. Ryabokon, V. Kopcha).

Students’ scientific group constantly works in the group of 15- 25 persons. Basic assignments of group’s work ‑ research (work in the scientific laboratory of department, investigation of fragments of the department scientific work under the direction of assistant), theoretical (reading of scientific reports and abstracts, results of student works, reports on student conferences) and practical work (rounds, analysis of patients, mastering of practical skills, new methods of diagnostics of infectious, dermatologic and venereology diseases and treatment of patients). Since 1981 156 reports were published in student collections.


  • differential use of modern enterosorbents in intestinal infections of different etiology, leptospirosis, viral hepatitis, acute respiratory diseases - separately and in combination with immunomodulators;
  • application of antiviral preparations, inductors of endogenous interferon and immunomodulators, separately and in combination, at viral hepatitis and at VZV-infection;
  • optimization of complex treatment of leptospirosis with application of donor anti-leptospirosis immunoglobulin;
  • role of dysfunction of endothelia in pathogenesis of viral hepatitis B and C;
  • features of micro biocenosis of bowels at acute intestinal infections;
  • clinical features of pathology of skin on a background of viral hepatitis, some parasitoids.
  • improvement of treatment of allergic and atopic dermatitis patients.

2 scientific themes of University are open:

  • “Investigation of epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinics and prophylaxis of borreliosis”.
  • “Study of the epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinic of Lyme borreliosis in endemic regions of Ukraine, including in Ternopil region, and improvement of its diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation measures and prevention”.

Major Scientific Achievements of the Department:

New information about biochemical and immunological processes, dysfunction of endothelia in a liver in viral hepatitis B and C, forming of fetoplacental insufficiency in pregnant on a background of these hepatitis and risks of transplacental transmission of infective agent is received.

New seven clinical symptoms of infectious diseases are described.

  • The thermographic semiotics of widespread infectious diseases is developed for the first time (acute respiratory viral infections, viral hepatitis, food poisoning, shigellosis etc.).
  • Knowledge about the mechanism of medical efficiency of different types of enterosorbents, antioxidants, hepatoprotectors and immunostimulators is improved, and the expedience of their united application at viral hepatitis, leptospirosis and acute intestinal infections, which facilitates motion of diseases and abbreviates the term of treatment, is grounded.
  • The method of colonosorbtion is offered at acute intestinal infections that substantially accelerates the clinical convalescence and provides sanitation an intestine from pathogenic microorganisms without additional application of antibacterial drugs.
  • Aerosol interferonotherapy of acute respiratory viral infections is developed and well-proven its high clinical efficiency.
  • Morgelon disease is diagnosed for the first time in Ukraine and the differential diagnostics is developed.
  • The world experience about medical counteraction against bioterrorism is generalized and the row of suggestions is developed for cure-prophylaxis and organs of health protection of Ukraine.

New methods of diagnostics of giardiasis are developed and introduced.

High efficiency of antiparasitic drugs` application is well-proven in the complex treatment of patients with allergic dermatitis with a concomitant giardiasis.

Since 1995 on the base of the department a scientific-practical medical magazine "Infectious diseases" is quarterly published, co-founder of which is Ternopil state medical university by the name of I.Y. Horbachevskyy (chif editor M. Andreychyn, responsible secretary V. Kopcha).

Since 1997 M. Andreychyn heads the Association of infectious diseases doctors of Ukraine; secretary of Association is associate professor O. Ivakhiv. Conventions, conferences and plenums of Association are regularly performed, their materials are published.

Scientific achievements of the department staff are introduced in 72 patents and copyright certificates on inventions, 87 rationalization suggestions.